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When coming for acupuncture treatment be sure to wear loose and comfortable clothing. It is best to have a little bit of food your system, but not a full stomach. Express your concerns before treatment begins so that your questions can be answered in advance. Then you can relax comfortably without anticipating any surprises! During your session if anything feels uncomfortable just say so. Acupuncture doesn't have to hurt to work and should always be a pleasant and relaxing experience. You may feel any number of sensations at the insertion points or at random places in the body. These sensations, for most people, range from warmth, to heaviness or pulling, and even slight itchiness. Since all people are completely unique it is difficult to determine what it will feel like for you individually ahead of time.

The number of treatments required to alleviate your particular condition will depend entirely upon the nature of the issue. Some health problems can be handled in only a few treatments while other, more chronic ailments, may require continued care over a period of time. Feel free to discuss your health problem with us before hand so we can give you an idea of what type of care plan you may expect. Usually effects are subtle and gradual as the body gently corrects imbalances that cause symptoms. The body , most often, didn't get this way overnight, so chances are it will not be put back into harmony within one session. Most people report feeling very relaxed and even euphoric after treatment.

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