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Modalities & Techniques

Chinese Medicine and Acupuncture focuses on achieving homeostasis within the body by manipulating specific points along meridians. Through an extensive intake interview, your comprehensive health concerns are deeply examined, ensuring a holistic and effective approach to your well-being.

Diagnostic tools, including pulse readings and tongue analysis, provide detailed information about organ function and internal well-being, helping to address health concerns effectively.

Acupuncture involves the gentle placement of fine needles into specific points along the body's meridians. These needles are typically retained for around ½ hour and can provide relief from various conditions without causing any pain.

Are you looking for natural remedies? Herbal Medicine could be the solution. Ingest classic or customized herbal formulations to bring your body back into balance over time. These formulations, available in tablet, powder, or tincture form, can be easily purchased when prescribed.

Reiki, an ancient hands-on healing technique, is a gentle and effective option for those feeling traumatized, oversensitive, or elderly. All sessions are fully clothed, offering a relaxing and nurturing experience.

Auriculotherapy uses the ear as an energetic microsystem to access targeted body areas and organ systems. It is particularly useful in soothing cravings, calming the nervous system, and providing relief for the psyche.

Moxibustion, the therapeutic burning of an herbal mugwort compound, offers a warming effect and can be administered in various forms to target specific acupuncture points.

Tuning Forks offer an alternative to needles by sending a deep vibration into acupuncture points. They provide a comprehensive treatment similar to acupuncture with distinct effects on the body.

Electro Stimulation brings strong stimulation to acupuncture points using a small electric current. It offers relief for musculoskeletal pain and other medical issues, making it a versatile and effective treatment option.

Cupping creates a vacuum effect to alleviate pain, stiffness, and even illnesses like the common cold. This traditional therapy helps in moving stagnant Qi and blood for improved well-being.

Guasha, a beneficial technique for treating stiff neck and common cold, involves vigorously scraping affected body parts. This process creates a bruise, bringing healing Qi and blood to the affected area.

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Kymberlie Landgraf is amazing and has completely relieved my cedar fever symptoms. I can finally enjoy the best time of year in Austin. What a relief! Thanks Kymberlie!
Selwyn Polit
Selwyn Polit
My Dr recently cut my high blood pressure medication in half. After dealing with high blood pressure for over 15 years with medications my BP had continued to climb and medications were added even though I lost weight, exercised and ate better. I had all but given up. Until I became serious in my work with Kimberly and took the time to take a spiritual path. When put in practice the things I learned from her physically healed my body. My gratitude is immeasurable.
Kevin Peake
Kevin Peake
I discovered AAT through another practitioner and was so thrilled that Kymberlie took over treatments when he retired. AAT has monumentally improved my quality of life and Kymberlie has been a delight to work with.
Victoria Davies
Victoria Davies
Her process is amazing - TOTALLY worth the investment ❤️🙏🏻❤️ 7/2021 I have been receiving treatment for liver/spleen balancing and have not felt so good in a VERY long time !! So grateful 🙏🏻🙏🏻
Kris Dudley
Kris Dudley
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