Kymmie has done so much for me that it's hard to know where to start  She has done incredible healing on my injured body, mind and soul!  She came to my house the night before a very important trip to mend my wounded wrist.  Her compassion and skills in acupuncture have mended my badly hurt wrist and hip. She has enabled me to achieve the goals that I have set for myself.  I wouldn't be able to tattoo without her!!! I LOVE THIS GIRL!!!

~ Karen

I have thought a lot about what I can say about my acupuncture experience.  My chronic back pain I had for 25 years is gone and my face looks and feels years younger. I cannot thank you enough for making this happen.

~ Susan

I went to see Kymberlie over a year ago for pain in my hip. After the first treatment, my pain was gone! I was driving to Austin (a two hour drive from my house) to see Kymberlie once a week, then twice a month. I am now back to once a week, while she is treating me for "hot flashes" and general anxiety. After three weeks of treatments and wonderful herbs, I am now sleeping through the night with no hot flashes, and my anxiety is gone.

~ Kari

I love this place! I really think Kymberlie is a born healer. I've been seeing her for years, and I recommend her to everyone I know who is even slightly interested in acupuncture. She has always listened, and every time I leave her office I think "wow, I feel like she really hit the spot!" If you're looking for someone, this is your woman! No one I know who has been under her care has ever had any complaint, and I trust her completely. This is the person you want sticking you!!!

~ Jesse

2329 Westrock Drive, Austin, TX 78704 • 512.658.8637 • kl@crimsonlotusacupuncture.com

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